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Hey everyone! I am currently reading Crown of Midnight by Sarah J Maas, continuing my Throne of Glass read along. With a month to go until number 5’s release, I am getting more and more excited (and nervous!) over what might happen.

I read Crown of Midnight over a year ago and I must admit that I had forgotten a lot of what had happened. I remembered the main parts but some of the deeper plot points are discovered in this book and make a huge difference to the story arc.

Sarah J Maas is a fantastic writer. She weaves a complicated story but does it in a way that is not overwhelming or irritating. The characters she has written are also super strong and complex which I really appreciate. Dorian isn’t perfect, Chaol isn’t perfect and neither is Celaena. I appreciate characters who make dumb decisions and act out in anger because let’s be real, we all do stupid stuff sometimes. (Hopefully, it doesn’t include killing people but hey, no judgement!)

Empire of Storms is going to be a wild ride and I am so excited for it. You can preorder it here.

One of the things I love about the weekend is having more time to read and blog about books. I’m sorry I haven’t gotten to writing much! What are you reading this weekend?

If you’re not reading anything or desperate for some bargain reads, check out the Book Depository for great deals and an awesome selection of books. They have free shipping too!

I’ll be back to posting regularly soon!


Maddy xo


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