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September TBR

There’s quite a few books that I am excited to read this next month! I didn’t complete all my books on my TBR last month so I’m trying again with a new bunch. I never seem very good at keeping to this list as other books grab my eye.

Alrighty starting with the books I don’t have yet but am planning on buying:

  • Empire of Storms – Sarah J Maas

AHHH. Like everyone else in the world I am super excited for the release of this book. It comes out tomorrow and I am pumped for it (a little bit nervous but oh well!) This book continues the story of Aelin and her court and how they battle dark forces throughout their world. I am super keen for seeing characters from other books like Assassins Blade and keen to see what happens. I am going in without being spoiled too which is fantastic!

  • Nevernight – Jay Kristoff

I have heard great things about this book and I am excited to read it. I don’t really know much about it but I’m keen to see what everyone is raving about! (I’m currently trying to figure out if I buy the Hardback with black pages or the paperback . . .  CHOICES.)

And the books that have been on my TBR for a while and need to read:

  • Magnus Chase and the Sword of Summer – Rick Riordan

I loved the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series and enjoyed the Heroes of Olympus series, despite not loving how it ended. I don’t really know why I have avoided reading it but I hope to rectify that very soon!

  • Pride and Prejudice – Jane Austen

I have read this book before but I would love to do a critical reread of it and highlight things. I think it is one of the best love stories ever written. Elizabeth and Mr Darcy are two fantastic characters and I would be happy if my life is like it.

  • I am Malala – Malala Yousafzai

This is another book that I have heard great things about. I haven’t read much non-fiction lately and would love to hear more about this inspiring woman. It’s also good to challenge the ideas I have in my head because of my faith and I’d love to branch out.

So there are 5 books I am hoping to read this month! It’s not a lot, and there are some I am dying to read before them but we’ll see how I go. I guess we’ll see at the end of the month!

What books are currently on your TBR for this month?



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