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Book Review: Gemina (Spoiler Free)

Title: Gemina p1040423_fotor

Author: Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

My Rating: 4 Stars

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This book continues the whirlwind that was Illuminae. Introducing great new characters, the high pace will keep you on the edge of your seat as you explore the next wave of the Bietech attack. If you loved Illuminae definitely check it out! You can read my review of Illuminae here.


Moving to a space station at the edge of the galaxy was always going to be the death of Hanna’s social life. Nobody said it might actually get her killed.

The sci-fi saga that began with the breakout bestseller Illuminaecontinues on board the Jump Station Heimdall, where two new characters will confront the next wave of the BeiTech assault.

Hanna is the station captain’s pampered daughter; Nik the reluctant member of a notorious crime family. But while the pair are struggling with the realities of life aboard the galaxy’s most boring space station, little do they know that Kady Grant and the Hypatia are headed right toward Heimdall, carrying news of the Kerenza invasion.

When an elite BeiTech strike team invades the station, Hanna and Nik are thrown together to defend their home. But alien predators are picking off the station residents one by one, and a malfunction in the station’s wormhole means the space-time continuum might be ripped in two before dinner. Soon Hanna and Nik aren’t just fighting for their own survival; the fate of everyone on the Hypatia—and possibly the known universe—is in their hands.

But relax. They’ve totally got this. They hope.

Once again told through a compelling dossier of emails, IMs, classified files, transcripts, and schematics, Gemina raises the stakes of the Illuminae Files, hurling readers into an enthralling new story that will leave them breathless.

The Good

This was a really great sequel to Illuminae! It was fast paced and I was completely unspoiled so I had no idea what was going to happen.

Let’s start with the characters. I loved the new introductions of Nik and Hanna and Ella. Nik was super snarky and sarcastic and I loved his parts. I liked that we learned his background throughout the book and I really loved the interactions with Ella and Hanna. He refers to her as “Your Highness” which is just adorable. Hanna was really great, I loved that she was like Kady is some respects, kickass and fun and her knowledge about fighting and war strategies was really interesting. I wanted to know more! Ella was also awesome and I really loved where they took her character and that the story was more than just the two main leads. Isaac Grant, Kady’s father is also a big part of the story and I really enjoyed seeing Kady and Ezra as well as other characters from Illuminae make an appearance again. It didn’t feel strange or odd to have them in the story which shows how great the writers are.

I love that the book deals with issues of morality, death and betrayal. It’s fantastic.

The plot was really fast paced and interesting. We get to see the Heimdall space station under siege and how they cope with that. So much happens in this book and I don’t want to spoil any of it. The Bietech operatives were intense and insane but I also really loved seeing how they were morally grey and developed through the story. Faulk (evil guy) was really intense as was Kali, his right hand woman. There were so many aspects of the plot I was not expecting and came out of nowhere. The authors have a great talent at building the story up and I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

I loved the ending and seeing the tribunal that the book started with. The series makes so much sense as a bunch of files and I am super excited for what the last will hold.

The Bad

While it was a great sequel to Illuminae, it didn’t have the same horror and fear that Illuminae had. AIDAN (who was one of my favourite parts of the first book) did not have as big a role which I missed as it really progresses the story. I was also a bit confused about some of the aspects of the space universe but I’m sure on re-read I’ll understand more. Some things I predicted as well (Rapier, cough) but overall I have very few issues with this story.

The Interesting

The way the book is written is so great. It is such a unique style of writing with the IM screens, the emails, the diary pages, the Analyser pages. Gemina has guest Illustrator Marie Lu as a part of the book and she illustrates the journal pages of Hanna – a lot of which have blood stains on them . . . I would have loved to have seen more pictures and hope that next book there’ll be more.

Recommended for: Any fans of Illuminae will enjoy this sequel! If you love sci-fi, adventure and YA, you should definitely check out the Illuminae files.

Quotes (Spoiler Free):

“And now, born from the ashes, she’s a warrior in bloodied black.”

“It may comfort you to know that your death, while astonishingly violent, will likely be mercifully swift.”

“It’s not about what I say, right? It’s what I do that matters here.”

Buy it here.

Go, read it and come back and tell me what you thought!


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