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Review: Put Me Down, I’m Terrible

Title: Put Me Down, I’m terrible32184634

Author: Katie Lewington

My Rating: 2.5 stars

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I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. 

While this poetry collection is not for me, it was an interesting and unique collection of poems that explores a range of emotions and thoughts from the author.


In Put Me Down I’m Terrible, Katie Lewington explores mundanity: a couple making love in a car, a woman preparing for a date, a donut shop. But to say these occurrences are mundane is only half the story. In poetry as achingly familiar as it is uncharted, Lewington feeds readers scenes of fumbling vulnerability, teeth-clenching honesty, and unrelenting self-awareness. There’s something in every poem that rings true; the awkward intimacy of a dentist appointment, the doldrum of Mondays, the inexorable journey of stray hairs. But Lewington takes these occurrences further, with precision as sharp as a knife, making the familiar strange and shaking up the norm. A walk of shame becomes a woman’s sphere for agency. Cold sores become a badge of power. New shoes, an insufficient patch. Uncompromisingly honest and hauntingly explorative, Put Me Down I’m Terrible is a celebration of the now, the everyday life, and the vulnerability that comes with it. As Lewington pens in one of the poems, “I don’t need to journey I’m gonna celebrate where I’m at.” Each poem is a celebration, and the collection, a festival unto itself.

The Good

Some of the poems were really relatable and well written. I enjoyed the poem called Monday, Skills and CG as I found them interesting, and relevant. They were the more well-written ones and I appreciated the poetry of them. The author uses very artistic thoughts and turns of phrase to express her thoughts. It is incredibly individual and the collection will keep you thinking long after.

The Bad 

Some of the poems just read as thoughts, thoughts that have poured out of someone’s brain with no filter. Some of them are also needlessly erotic and odd but that is simply my opinion and how I responded to the poems. I felt as though they were very personal and too personal to read as they made me uncomfortable.

Recommended for: Contemporary poetry lovers

Quotes (Spoiler Free):

“how did I get to thinking so much

and relaxing so little.”


it comes creeping out of the shadows

from the following


Monday, Monday, Monday.”

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One thought on “Review: Put Me Down, I’m Terrible

  1. Ugh, this post is so deliciously written! Despite the fact that you personally didn’t like all of the poems, you’ve driven me to make sure I read all of them in the near future! Thank you for your honest and wonderfully written review! Xx


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