The YA Chronicles: December Box

I treated myself to another book box in December because the sneak peeks looked way too good! Look on ahead for an unboxing of the YA Chronicles December Box: Simply Wonderful.

Everything in this box is beautiful and simply wonderful! It was a great Christmas gift and I appreciate all the effort that the girls put in.

Let’s unbox! Included in this box was: P1040639.JPG

  • Printed Sticky notes from Blossom Books
  • A beautiful art print on a magnet button by Down the Reading Hole
  • Printed wash tape – I got the black with silver stars
  • A Golden Snitch Bracelet
  • A letter and custom printed bookmark from the YA Chronicles
  • And the book “Finding Wonders: Three Girls Who Changed Science” by Jeannine Watkins.

I really love all the items in the box this month! The sticky notes are incredibly cute and the washi tape is as well, even though I might not use it very much. I also love the button too and have it stuck on a a metal photo frame in my room. I love Alice in Wonderland soit is very fitting.

Everyone loves Harry Potter so the Golden Snitch bracelet is fantastic and very fitting. It’s very big but I really love it. It looks so good on!



The next item was really cool. A written letter to us from the creators of the YA Chronicles. I really love seeing what thoughts go behind picking the book of the month and this was such a well meaning letter. And so pretty!

You’ll remember from my last YA chronicles box that I said I hated that there were spelling mistakes within the printed items. This has been rectified and I am so pleased. Especially since the letter is so gorgeous. It makes me feel as though the girls listen to reviews which is fantastic.


AND NOW THE BOOK. This book is so gorgeous so I’m going to bombard you with some photos.

I am beyond please with this box and absolutely love the book. I read it on the 31st of December and really enjoyed it. I have written a review and it will be posted shortly.

If you haven’t heard of the YA Chronicles yet, I suggest checking them out. The next month’s theme is “Did someone say fantasy?” and bound to be fantastic. You can check them out here.

xx Maddy xx



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