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Book Review: Raveling You

Title: Raveling You (Unraveling You #2)24356273

Author: Jessica Sorensen

My Rating: 4 stars

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This book continues the story of Ayden and Lyric and as more is discovered about Ayden and his family, tensions rise, especially between


Ayden Gregory may want to keep running from his nightmares, but he no longer has a choice. His past is catching up with him. And fast. He relies on one person to keep him from crumbling. His best friend Lyric Scott. 

Lyric feels helpless watching her best friend’s world turn upside down. But she does her best to remain positive and upbeat. She gets their band their first gig and even with everything going on, her relationship with Ayden starts to heat up.

But when danger enters Ayden’s life again, even Lyric might not be able to help him.

The Good:

You can read my review of book 1 here.

Ayden and Lyric go through a lot of progression in this book as they further discover the history of Ayden and where he grew up and what happened to him. He is heartbroken after hearing about his brother’s death and just wants to know what happened to him but at the same time is scared too. Everyone in this book is on edge, except Lyric. While being concerned about him she stands beside him every step of the way which is wonderful.

This book takes Ayden and Lyric’s relationship to the next level and I loved every second of it! She is so sweet and happy and he reacts so well to that. There’s a lot of tension as Ayden is still discovering himself but the are really good with each other. I love that they keep it secret for a while – that’s one of my favourite writing tropes!

The story keeps you wanting more especially as Lyric and Ayden get closer despite all the crap that is going on in his life. His backstory is absolutely messed up and awful and I like seeing how the different characters handle it. HIs adopted parents are great characters and I love seeing Lyrics parents support them through everything.

The Bad:

Again, as said before, the lyrics in the book annoy me. Also, this book is very short and could be combined with the first one or third one to not draw out the series but whatever. Author’s choice I suppose. It is over very quick though!

The Interesting:

It is a really original story and while his backstory is messed up and unlikely to happen in the real world I am enjoying seeing what will happen and how the author handles it.

Recommended for: contemporary YA romance readers who love intrigue and romantic chemistry.

Quotes (Spoiler Free):

“No, I won’t. You leaving my life would crush my heart, and I refuse to let my heart get crushed.”

“I’d rather just have him forever.”

“Even in the midst of my darkness, through a storm of pain, Lyric brings me calm.”

“Then he does something unexpected but amazing. He rests his chin on my shoulder. A gesture so small and plain an outsider wouldn’t think twice about it. Me, I think about it. So much my mind sparks like a hot-wired car.” 

Buy it here.


xx Maddy xx



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