March 2017 FairyLoot Unboxing

This is super, duper late but here is my March Fairyloot Unboxing!

Despite the crazy shipping prices, I made the decision to buy the 1 year anniversary box and it did not disappoint. I had a deep suspicion of what the book was and so I was really really happy when it turned out that I was right!

The theme for the month was Myths and Monsters and promised a great adventure, mythical cities and a beautiful edition and let me tell you the book is absolutely gorgeous! It has beautiful blue sprayed edges, a lovely printed signature and wonderful dust cover. It screams of magic and I am so excited to read this book very soon!


The box comes beautifully packaged and is absolutely wonderful. The book is packaged in a beautiful book bag with a letter from the author and your book buddy number. While I haven’t found my book buddy, I like the little added extra that it adds to the community.

Included in the wonderful special edition purple box was:

  • Limited Edition of Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor
  • Inside artwork and signature and author letter
  • Exclusive FairyScoop with author interview and anniversary booklet
  • Exclusive Phoenix and Dragon Magnetic Bookmark (Bonitismo)
  • Exclusive Dragon Scale Scarf (GivArt)
  • Exclusive Mermaid Pocket Mirror (Bookotter)
  • Exclusive Nephilim Candle (Geeky Clean)
  • Unicorn Fairy Lights (Mustard)

The book as mentioned is gorgeous and my favourite part of the box which is always a bonus. It would have been great if the book was actually signed like I thought it would be but the printed signature is still cool. I think the story sounds great and this is actually my current read at the moment so definitely worth checking out if you haven’t read it. (And have you seen it?)

My second favourite item is the dragon scale scarf, exclusively made for FairyLoot and it is so fantastic. It is soft, comfortable and long. The grey colour is perfect for matching with bright colours or white and I absolutely love scarves so this was a huge tick in my box. I have worn this scarf so many times since getting it so a wonderful choice. Book boxes should definitely put more clothing items in their boxes.

P1060885.JPGThe book marks are cute, the lights are little bit kitch and useless and the candle is already burnt and gone because it smelled great!


This box was so great and even though it took me nearly a month to get it, I loved it.

If you are in Australia and going to get Fairyloot, be prepared that it is expensive especially if you get tracking. I didn’t get tracking for this box and highly regretted it because it is almost impossible to avoid spoilers on social media. I would recommend getting tracking and paying the extra for it because then you get it quicker and can enjoy it with everyone else.

You can check out more about Fairyloot here.

xx Maddy xx



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