Mark the Page – March Unboxing

I went a bit crazy during March and April for book boxes and without further ado, let me show you the March Mark the Page box!

Mark the Page is a great Australian book subscription box which started in January this year. While Donna is still very much beginning and establishing herself as a self run business, I am so impressed with what she does and I was not disappointed with this box.

There was a delay with the books and signed bookplate which meant that the box wasn’t shipped until April which was a bit annoying (more so because I received 4 boxes in a day which didn’t look great to my family) but Donna kept us in the loop every step of the way via instagram. I loved seeing all the updates and really appreciate that she wanted to keep us informed.

The theme for this box was Merchant Misfortunes and there was no doubt about which book it was going to be, which is why I bought it. Included in this box was:


My favourite item is the Hunted Candle which was a huge selling point for me. Meraki Candles have always been on my to buy list but the shipping is so expensive so I have restrained. This candle smells like pine, oak and spring rain and is a beautiful aqua-green on the inside. I’m restraining from burning it because I love it so much!

My other favourite is the bookmark by Read the Stars with the quote from Beauty and the Beast on it. It’s sweet and lovely and a really durable bookmark which I love. How gorgeous is it! I also love the mug, where there were a few different types. This was a bonus item and I think it fit really perfectly with the box and the tea.

This book has been on my TBR for a while and I am excited about reading it shortly. Its a retelling of Beauty and the Beast and meant to be really good so here’s hoping! Meagan Spooner is one of the authors of the Starbound Triology which I adored earlier this year so I am keen to read more of her writing. Receiving a signed bookplate with it was also great and I can’t decide where to put it. Where do you put signed bookplates in your books?P1060826.JPG

I have to admit that I felt a bit underwhelmed when I first opened the box. Because the box is so big, it feels a bit empty so I was kind of like ‘what?’ but then when I laid it all out I was quite happy. The tea is a really small sample, the candle is small in your hands too but it doesn’t really matter.  If the mug wasn’t included, I might have been disappointed but since it was, let’s not talk about what ifs! Also, the Behindthepages store bookmark had the authors name spelt wrong which is not great – spell check everyone, it’’s a magical invention! I think if the box was more compact, it would feel better as it would feel packed full, not slightly empty.

Anyway, I was really impressed with this box. It’s a bit more expensive than I would usually want to spend on an Aussie book subscription, but if I am certain about the book and the prompts sound good then I would definitely look into subscribing again. The next theme is Blood for Crowns and looks great. I might just have to get one myself.

P1060820.JPGDo you get any book subscription boxes? Tell me in the comments which ones are your favourite!

xx Maddy xx


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