April “Head over Heels” Unboxing

Continuing the month of April Unboxings (Yes, very late I know!) with the April Owl crate – Head over Heels!

OwlCrate is a US based subscription box and this was the first one I ordered from them. They end up costing around $65 AUD when you add postage so it is a little pricy for Australians but the hints for items included in this box were really tempting and I thought it would be great for me to read some more contemporary books!

Without further ado, here is what was including in this box:

I was pretty certain I knew what the book was going to be so I wasn’t disappointed which was good! This book sounded really interesting and like an easy read so I was pleased to have it, even though the hardcover isn’t as easy to read. I didn’t love this book (review to come) but I’m pleased to have it.

Out of this box my favourite items are the Pride and Prejudice headband and the Evie Bookish ACOMAF art print. I love Pride and Prejudice and really like the headband. It’s not as useful as I thought it would be since it’s not tight which is what I like, but being as trash as I am for P&P I still love it.

The ACOMAF print is fantastic and I have it in a frame on my shelf along with other ACOMAF related items. I really love quote art prints and even though this quote is super overused (I would love some other quotes fro ACOMAF to be used – there are so many) I love it.

I have already used the candle up and look forward to tasting the tea inspired by Anna and the French Kiss. The Author letter was also a great add on and quite lovely to read.


The keychain means nothing to me, and the pin is a little bit kitch and not useful. I would prefer an Owlcrate Bookmark or something to collect as pins are a bit useless.

This box was good and I liked it! I wasn’t crazy about it, I think since I didn’t like the book it makes it harder to review the box. It definitely is a nice cover though and having the author letter as well as the signed bookplate is a good thing about Owlcrate.

I have ordered the June Owlcrate which is themed “Make it Out Alive” and I am excited to see what comes out of it! It’s meant to be great for dystopian lovers so should be great!

If you get subscription boxes, what do you get?

xx Maddy xx


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