April Fairyloot Unboxing

Ahh. Yes. Hello. Please pretend as though it is April and that this unboxing is not super late. Moving on.

I signed up to receive the April “Dreams and Wishes” Fairyloot box. I absolutely adored the previous one I had signed up for so I continued my subscription for this month.

Without further ado, here is what was included in this box!IMG_0319.jpg

  • An ACOMAF To The Stars Ceramic Mug (Risa Rodil)
  • Gemstone Notebook (Portico Designs)
  • The Bone Season Little Dreamer Tote Bag (Miss Phi)
  • Exclusive Reverie Candle (Meraki Candles)
  • Exclusive Dream Jar Pin (House of Wonderland)
  • Follow Your Dreams Magnet (FairyLoot)
  • Exclusive FairyScoop with author interview
  • and the book: Given To The Sea by Mindy McGinnis with a signed bookplate and author letter.

This box was all about dreams and wishes and all the things were themed very well!


I have to admit I was a little disappointed with this box. The previous Fairyloot had been fantastic so I was hoping for big things from this box and it didn’t deliver unfortunately. While I love the mug, I can’t help wishing that another quote from ACOMAF was used. I love the ‘To the Stars’ quote, but there are so many other great ones. Why not use one

from Mor or even from the reveal of Rhysand’s story? Or something from the Court of Dreams? I have so many things from various boxes with this quote on it and I wish more of ACOMAF was used.

The tote bag is lovely and really well made – but I have to read the Bone Season first to understand it I think! I love the candle – it’s shimmery and sparkly and smells fantastic. The pin and magnet are a bit useless – I don’t really understand why they get included when they are a bit kitch and useless.


I’d never heard of the book before and it sounds very interesting. Not one I would usually pick up, but definitely one I am interested in. One of the reasons I like getting book subscription boxes is to find books that come highly recommended from other people that I might never have picked up. It’s especially great if I see that they have similar tastes to mine. I look forward to reading this one! I also think it is absolutely gorgeous without it’s cover on it.

Fairyloot is unfortunately quite pricy if you live in Australia. If you pay for tracked shipping, it also costs even more. As I didn’t want to be spoiled for this box, I paid for the extra shipping, but I must admit, paying nearly $75 for a book box that could be good or bad is not quite a fun gamble. Their last few boxes have been great though, when looking at pictures, so the temptation is always there!

I will definitely be buying Fairyloot in the future if the book sounds interesting and if you live in the UK, I definitely recommend it! You can find out more here.

xx Maddy xx




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