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Book Fairs: Why they are great and tips for going to one!

I had the great opportunity to go to Lifeline’s Giant Book Fair on Thursday night with a friend (it may have been a date but the jury is still out on that one) and I had a really great time! It was so wonderful to have a room full of books and people all looking through them. This post is about the best parts of a book fair and then some tips and tricks for how to get the most out of going to one.

Best things about going to a book fair:

1 – The book selection.

Photo from Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury Facebook page

At a book fair like the one I went to, there are so many different types of books. You have your health and fitness, your classics, your mystery and your young adult amongst many others. While the selection isn’t always reliable and can be hard to sift through, you can find some really interesting books in it! My friend and I found a couple of interesting choices, including a how-to book about Fascism, and two obituaries – very morbid choices for a book fair.

2 – The atmosphere.

Photo from Lifeline Harbour to Hawkesbury Facebook page

Honestly, going to a book fair is a mixture between visiting a library and a bookstore. Everyone is quiet as they go in and just browse. You occasionally hear people talking but a lot of people go by themselves and keep quiet. My friend and I chatted quietly as we talked. It was the first time we had hung out by ourselves together and honestly, the book fair was a great place to get to know each other. You pull out a book and show it to them, chat about what you think of it or thought of it, and add to each other’s piles. He gave me a few good recommendations and I found a few books I think he would like. Books have a way of making people feel at home and this was evident during this trip.

3 – The price.

The book fair was advertised as selling books between $3 – $6. This was entirely true so what’s not to love? It was a booklover’s heaven! While all the books were second hand, the majority of them were still in good condition and for $3 you don’t really mind a book being a little beaten up! The great thing about the books being so cheap is that you are happy to buy a book you are unsure about for only a couple of dollars. Rather than spending $20+ on one book, you can get quite a few and the risk is very low.

I picked up 6 books for $22 which is an absolute bargain and I am very excited to read them! The books I picked up were:

  • IMG_1813
    Books I picked up!

    Finnikin of the Rock – Melina Marchetta (I already have a copy of this but I adorethis cover and want one to annotate!)

  • The Looking Glass Wars – Frank Beddor
  • So Much to Tell You – John Marsden
  • Ender’s Game – Orson Scott Card
  • The Winter King – Bernard Cornwell
  • Excalibur – Bernard Cornwell

It was a very successful evening and let me tell you the company was wonderful.

Tips for going to a Book Fair

1 – Go with a friend. If you have a booklover friend to go with, I recommend it. It makes it quite fun to be able to search through books together and laugh over funny books you find or to share the things you like. It’s also really nice to find someone who loves books as much as you do!

2 – Set a budget. I had a budget of under $30 which was good because I didn’t reach it and spend a ridiculous amount. There is a definite opportunity to spend a whole lot of money at one of these fairs so I recommend having a budget or just bringing enough cash for what you can spend. I’m sure if there were more books I liked there I could have spent much more but I was very happy with what I spent.

3 – Look through every section. You never know what you might find in the adult fantasy section or the non-fiction section. Even if your favourite genre is Young Adult, branch out! I walked through a lot of sections and found some of these books in the well-loved and classic sections. It’s worth looking at!

4 – Take your time. If you’re there, you may as well give each section a thorough look through and not rush. Enjoy the atmosphere, do a little bit of people watching and buy some books!

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into my trip to a book fair and got some tips for if you ever go to one! If you love books or count yourself as a booklover, I recommend you check them out if you get the chance.

Until next time,

Maddy x


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