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Maddy’s Top 5 Books of 2017


I can’t believe I’m writing this as it’s the end of the year! 2017 has been one of the biggest years of my life and I’m glad this isn’t a summary of my personal life because it would be long and complicated.

I have read 58 books at the time of writing this and am hoping to crack 60 by the 30th of December. Even though I’ve read a good amount of books, I unfortunately don’t have a whole lot that are absolute 5 star reads. There were a lot of great ones but not a whole heaps that made me go, “What an amazing book!” Despite this, I did manage to find 5 top reads for the year, two of which are (so far) complete series.

Crooked Kingdom was a great finish to the Six of Crows duology. Fast paced, with heaps of twists and turns, the book kept me engaged until the very end. I love the characters and their interactions, and while it’s based in a different world, you really fall into it which is wonderful. There are so many moments where everything goes wrong, and then gets rectified and then goes wrong again. I’m not going to give away the ending, so I recommend reading it to see for yourself!

I absolutely LOVED this series this year. I listened to it on audiobook and adored the narration and was engaged the whole way through. This series is a young-adult fantasy that follows Lia, a runaway Princess and two male characters. While a love triangle is apparent for a while, I really loved how this ‘remnant’ idea permeated the whole series. These books have everything – romance, betrayal, deception, fighting, female characters, family and so much more. I am hoping to get these on paperback and read them through again. Honestly, it was such a wonderful reading experience, and if you like audiobooks, I recommend trying them that way first.

The Medoran Chronicles is such a fun series. I started reading it this year after meeting Lynette Noni, and honestly, it’s such a great series. It follows the main character Alex, who discovers a new world, a new world in which she’s got special abilities and then gets caught up in a war between worlds. It’s got some of the same characteristics as Harry Potter but has wonderful characters, good plotlines and is just really friendly and fun. There are three books so far, and with the fourth coming out in February, there’s no better time than to get invested in these characters. Draekora is probably my favourite so far, but Graevale may outrun it come 2018! There is a lot of suspension of disbelief, but it’s so magical and wonderful. Go read it then come back so we can talk about it!


I buddy-read this series with one of my friends on Instagram and really enjoyed it. This series is Young Adult Science Fiction and follows six different characters, two for each book. With their world facing space battles, crises of nature and mystical beings, there is honestly do much packed into these books. Amie and Meagan co-wrote these books, but honestly, you’d never be able to tell. The writing is so smooth and beautiful and really makes you feel as though you are observing from far away. My favourite book by far is number one, as Tarver and Lilac are my favourites and I’m a huge fan of the enemies to lovers trope. If you’re into science fiction or willing to try something a bit different, I definitely recommend this series! It’s complete, so no waiting around for new instalments.

And my final favourite for the year is the sixth Throne of Glass book. This one came as such a surprise as I was not expecting to enjoy this book, and I really loved it. I loved being back in the human world, with human problems (not that I don’t love the Fae) and seeing Chaol again was great. This book was heavy and full of amazing character development and there was so much packed into the story. I’m sure my review didn’t do it justice, but I was really impressed with the depth of the story that Maas created. How she takes an insignificant character and then makes them three dimensional is really impressive and I love all the different emotions you feel while reading this book. There’s indignation, happiness, disgust, joy, sadness, horror – so much! If you read Crown of Midnight and loved it, then I recommend trying this book. I was so surprised by it and can’t wait to re-read it.

And there you have it! My top 5 reads of 2017. I kind of cheated a bit, as three of them are completed series, but honestly, it was a great year for book series’! I’m looking forward to some new instalments next year, and all the new books that will come out – including reading ones that I didn’t get to this year.

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your top reads this year were in the comments!

Until next time,

Maddy x


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