Maddy. 21. Booklover. Bibliophile.

What do you feel when you read? I feel alive!

This blog is a celebration of everything that comes with books – book photos, book quotes, authors, signings. Anything and everything!

I want to know what you love about books, I want you to know what I love about books.

This is a place for reviews, photos, debates – you name it.

My review rating system works something like this:

5 – Loved it, one of my favourites; very near perfect, definitely want to re-read.
4.5 – A new favourite; not quite perfect, but still loved it and would re-read.
4 – Thoroughly enjoyed it! Something was missing though.
3.5 – It was good but a little disappointing.
3 – It was okay. I had issues with the writing or plot.
2.5 – I just didn’t like it.
2 – Not good.
1.5 – No. Not worth thinking or talking about
1 – I wouldn’t wish this book on anyone.  A waste of time.

Have a look, pick a book and tell me what you think. I welcome you here and wish you a bookeverynight!

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